Lucro fits our needs perfectly
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"We launched a business lending program focused on agricultural loans with a diverse mix of other small businesses 6 years ago and began working with Lucro in 2019. Jim and his staff are amazing, easy to work with and their lending portal fits our needs perfectly. If we have questions, the staff is very responsive and knowledgeable.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the SBA launched the Payroll Protection Program and as a new lender to SBA, Lucro made the process seamless. They provided fantastic training for our Member Business Lender. We cannot thank Jim and his staff enough."

Matthew T. Jennings Quest Federal Credit Union

Lucro provides a better level of service

Tropical FCU "Over the course of my career, I have worked with many different underwriters, and there is a big difference I see in the Lucro team. The difference is that their underwriters actually work with me to help me understand the credit, and they let me explain specific details so they can make a better recommendation. The service is so good I almost thought for a moment that the Lucro staff works for my own credit union. I cannot say this enough: It's great to be with Lucro."

Frank Gallo Tropical Financial CU


Lucro is professional

Franklin Mint FCU "Lucro really makes itself a part of our credit union. That’s a big deal. You don’t get that with other vendors. When I call them, I don’t think of it as calling Lucro – it’s like another department in our credit union. We used another CUSO before going with Lucro, and it was tremendously different. Switching to Lucro was a refreshing change. They’ve made commercial lending a good thing again. Lucro is not sales oriented. They are in business to protect us and help us make good loans. Our employees enjoyed the in-person training provided by Lucro. It showed them that we have a strong commitment to our commercial lending program."

Marc Ernest Franklin Mint FCU

Lucro makes it easier for us

Bayport CU "Lucro gives a reliable, objective view on any commercial loan deal. We know the documentation and underwriting will always be handled the same way each time, so we can make better decisions. I have recommended Lucro to other credit unions. Lucro’ strength lies in their underwriting experience and the quality of the CAMS and files they produce. This makes it easier for us to keep up with the necessary paperwork. We are very comfortable calling Lucro staff with our questions.  Last year, one of our members was purchasing a building, and had decided to go with a bank. At the closing table, the member noticed that the terms and conditions were not what he expected, so he walked away from the closing and came to us. Lucro helped us close on that building in about a week."

Jennifer Coyne BayPort CU

Lucro offers high quality underwriting

121 FCU "The level of experience and knowledge the Lucro team brings to our commercial lending program is invaluable. Even with increased hiring, the credit union would not be able to match the level of expertise that Lucro provides to us. The turn-around time is very good. I’d rate them at the top for responsiveness. Even if I just call with a question, they are always available and helpful. The Lucro Summit offers something for everyone. It’s time well spent. The webinars have been helpful, too. They keep you updated about various things, such as auditing or regulatory issues."

David Marovich 121 Financial CU

Lucro has been wonderful

Georgia-Florida United Methodist FCU "The strength of Lucro is in their years of experience and wisdom with business lending, particularly church lending for us. I know that the staff are there to take care of our needs. While we don’t have a lot of turnover if I lose staff, then I don’t have to worry about my loans being approved. It is all about teamwork. Lucro is very quick to turn loans around. We are able to get right back to our members with decisions. Or if we need more information, we know quickly. When we interviewed other companies, they did not promise the quick turnaround that we get from Lucro. I think our turnaround time is superior to that of other organizations and we are able to compete with other lenders. Whenever we have needed training, Lucro has gone above and beyond.  We are able to come to their office (as we have in the past) or request training.  When we ask for help it's always provided. I am indeed glad we have them." 

Keith Pritchard Georgia Florida United Methodist CU


CU Business Lending Center offers 24/7 convenience

FSU CU "Florida State University Credit Union’s members and staff have nothing but good things to say about the new Credit Union Business Lending Center. Its 24/7 accessibility is an outstanding benefit. For example, one of our members owns his own lawn care company, and afterhours access to the Credit Union Business Lending Center allowed him to refinance some existing company debt late at night. Our credit union was able to process his application and close within 24 hours, allowing him to focus on running his business."

Charles E. Adcock, III Florida State University Credit Union