Q: What software does my institution need to be able to use the DBLC?

A: None! The DBLC is simply a unique URL to put on your site or hand out to your borrowers.


Q: Can branch employees be DBLC users?

A: Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Branch employees are a great resource in growing your portfolio as they are the first line to your walk-in traffic.


Q: As a lender do I have the ability to start a loan application for my borrower?

A: Yes!


Q: Does Lucro offer support after I am set up in the DBLC?

A: Yes! Lucro constantly monitors your workflow and can help you or your borrowers through the application in need.


Q: Can this product be branded to my institution?

A: Yes! Your borrower will see your logo at the top of their screen throughout the application process.


Q: How is this product customizable to my credit policy?

A: You choose what products your borrower has available and what credit parameters are needed for each product in order for the borrower to submit the loan. (time in business, dollar amount, personal credit score).


Q: If I put this URL on my site how do I stop borrowers with bad credit or who are outside my lending demographic from applying?

A: You don’t have to! The DBLC offers unlimited auto declines and screen outs to you at no charge.


Q: What if my borrowers call me with a question about their application? How will I get the information to answer their questions?

A: The DBLC offers a full transparency dashboard where you can view any of your loans at any stage of the process…including underwriting and completed stages.


Q: Do I have to use Lucro underwriting services for all DBLC loans?

A: No! You can choose what loans you want Lucro underwriting service for and what loans you analyze internally.


To learn more contact Business Lending Center Manager Heather Bosenko: heather@lucro.org or 850-701-4073.