Applying for a business loan can be a daunting task for business owners. The mounds of paperwork and documents a financial institution must review can create lengthy bottlenecks and burdensome process taking weeks if not months to complete. 

Introducing the Digital Business Lending Center, a new online application portal that allows credit unions and community lenders to cost-effectively originate small business loans and compete with online lenders.

With this easy-to-use, 24/7 tool, borrowers are guided step-by-step through the application process and can upload any required loan documentation themselves. In just a few minutes, the portal transmits the completed application to Lucro for expedited processing. Lucro will provide a condensed-format credit memo complete with recommendation and risk rating for you to decision the loans.

The application portal can also be used by branch employees to originate loans while the member is in the branch! The step-by-step process ensures an easy, professional, in-branch experience for your borrower and employee.

Whether you’re already offering small business loans or would like to get started, the Digital Business Lending Center is a convenient, efficient complement to your existing products/services and/or provides easy entry into this market.

To learn more contact Business Lending Center Manager Heather Bosenko: or 850-701-4073


  • Online borrower application  
  • Automated document collection  
  • Digital credit application file  
  • Condensed credit view
  • Pre-qualification filter
  • Expedited credit processing by Lucro


  • Reduces application time from 30 hours to 30 minutes  
  • Increases your standing in the business lending market while simultaneously bringing transaction costs down
  • Reduces staff time and costs by 50%  
  • Built with regulations and compliance in mind
  • Online and in-branch applications available
  • Assistance from Lucro with the loan-review process

How it Works

The Digital Business Lending Center quickly screens each borrower automatically before processing a full loan application. Based on a few simple credit metrics (loan amount, collateral, time in business and credit score) the application is routed to a score only or score plus financials workflow. Then, digital banking and financial records are gathered from secure electronic sources. Lucro will receive a consolidated application file that includes all the supporting documentation, and will produce an expedited credit memo to your credit policy.


Lucro partners will receive one of two credit packages based on borrower qualification/scoring of the loan:

  • Credit memo only (no financials provided): The familiar Lucro format, which includes loan and collateral details and a risk rating, as well as a Lucro summary and recommendation.
  • Credit memo with cash flow (financials provided): In addition to the credit memo, the credit union will also be offered a Lucro-prepared, abbreviated cash flow on the borrower.

Learn More

A demo video and due diligence documents are available in eVault for partners. To learn more contact Business Lending Center Manager Heather Bosenko: or 850-701-4073