Anyone who says business isn’t personal has never owned a small business. We understand that your members care about their companies at a very personal level. We also understand that they expect you to care about their financial future as much as they do.

We get it. And we can help. 

We believe that 2 heads are better than one, and 35 heads are even better! Our expert team of dedicated professionals has more than 500 years of collective lending experience centralized under one roof to provide you efficient, judicious loan decisioning faster than you would expect. Our team becomes your team. Your success is our success.

Whether you have a seasoned book of business and are seeking assistance in a specific service or starting from the ground-up looking for a turnkey commercial lending program, Lucro will customize a solution that fits the needs of your institution. 

Hallmarks of our lending services include:

Lucro - Underwriting

Lucro has dedicated underwriters with decades of experience analyzing loans for partners. Our experts know the industry inside and out with various backgrounds in banking from commercial bank management to bank examiner. You’ll work with underwriters with the experience and the necessary skill set to match your program. Since we assign underwriters based on the size of the loan, type of credit, and individual underwriters expertise you'll get quick responses with a personal touch.   

If commercial lending is new to your financial institution or if your program is in need of an update we can provide suggested underwriting policies that are NCUA compliant. We'll even provide all necessary application forms branded to your institution and order tax transcripts and credit reports.

With Lucro Commercial Solutions we've got all of your underwriting needs covered. 

Lucro - Doc Prep

No one likes paperwork...except for our operations team! Consisting of specialists who are committed to preparing loan documents for partners, the Lucro team will guide lenders from start to finish with industry standard best-practices compliant in all 50 states.

Lucro's seasoned doc prep personnel are assigned based on size, type of credit, and expertise of doc prep staff and documents are prepared using Wolters Kluwer Compliance One backed by a $1,000,000 guarantee. 

Depending on your need, we can manage the entire appraisal process from bids to engagement, to final report delivery and third party review. We'll even coordinate and order flood certificates, environmental reports & simplified drive-by appraisals!

At Lucro we'll take the stress out of the paperwork so you can focus on building relationships. 

Lucro - Complete Loan Servicing

Soup to nuts. Start to finish. Don’t have the internal systems in place to manage commercial loans or participations? Lucro can help create an entire servicing program customized to your needs. From full loan servicing to billing and payment collection, Lucro will develop a plan suitable to solve any loan servicing need.

Full servicing of loans with Lucro includes:

  • Billing & payment collection (including ACH payment collection)
  • Real estate tax tracking
  • Insurance tracking
  • Covenant tracking
  • Collection of financials/tax returns
  • Coordination of periodic reviews
  • Participation servicing including payment distribution to loan leads and participants
  • Robust portfolio reporting including month end data extract files for loans, participations, and collateral
  • Plus, borrowers will be able to access their accounts online (hosted in a secure Amazon hosting environment)!

Commercial lending is OUR businesses. And we get that every institution is different. After we have a chance to learn more about you and your unique institution, Lucro will customize a solution that works for you and your borrowers. We'll handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters, your clients. 

That's not all. We can also help with:

  • Reviewing and brokering loan participations
  • Developing NCUA-compliant loan policies and procedures
  • Appraisal management

At Lucro, we're dedicated to creating custom program plans to fill any of your commercial lending needs. Contact us today to get started!