byJim Gallagher

MBS is now Lucro!

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“Have you ever thought about rebranding MBS?”  

I have heard this question from many marketing people during our 15-year existence.  It seems that they were not excited about our brand or the naming confusion in the MBL CUSO space. In addition to the brand confusion, the recent change in Regulation 723 shifting the emphasis from Member Business Lending to Commercial Lending also made our branding decision easier. 

After finally taking the plunge, I am very excited with the results. Our new name, Lucro Commercial Solutions, and tagline, “Let’s thrive together,” perfectly align with our goal to support a healthy bottom line for credit unions, and ultimately, your members.

The name Lucro is derived from the Spanish word for profit. The tagline “Let’s Thrive Together” speaks to the multifaceted impact loan decisioning provides – a lucrative commercial portfolio for the credit union and essential capital for the member business owner. When intelligent lending decisions flow from the underwriters at Lucro, everyone wins.

Our new logo is an abstract brain to represent the 500+ years of collective experience Lucro brings to the table, and the leaves within the logo represent all the people who come together to help businesses thrive during the process. 

Many thanks to the staff at The Pod Advertising for making this project a reality.

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