byHeather Bosenko

Let’s Make Time for Small Business Loans

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Most of us feel as if there is never enough time in our day or week but I am pretty sure the busiest people I have dealt with in my life are small business owners, especially those with families. Trying to juggle a home, children and a business must be exhausting. 

Many financial institutions have a special call center unit dedicated to business account holders. It's not unusual for these centers to experience highest call volume on Sunday evenings. Successful business owners are stretched thin during “normal” business hours and prefer nights and weekends for banking and bookkeeping chores.

Our experience in the Digital Business Lending Center reinforces this after hours need. Year to date 66% of all loan applications have been created after traditional banking hours (8-5).

Digital Business Lending Center Through 8/29/18

Are you open for business when theses high value members need you?  Our Digital Business Lending Center may be a great solution for you and your business members/prospects. With 24/7 seamless access borrowers can apply for small business loans and upload any necessary paperwork at their convenience. The Lucro team will prioritize the application and get a recommendation to your credit union within a few business hours, allowing you to compete in this new digital age and be there for your member – when they need you.

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