byHeather Bosenko
Date: 11/01/18

Let’s Make Time for Small Business Loans

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Year to date 66% of all loan applications have been created after traditional banking hours (8-5).

byJim Gallagher
Date: 09/17/18

Don’t compete with banks for business loans

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“There are lots of reasons for credit unions NOT to do small business or commercial lending.”

-- Most CU CEOs pre-2010

byJim Gallagher
Date: 03/30/18

MBS is now Lucro!

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“Have you ever thought about rebranding MBS?”  

byDiana Knight
Date: 03/28/18

Copy this commercial loan tactic...

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This recent (well done) LinkedIn article by Chris Nichols reminded me of the power and usefulness of the loan modification strategy in retaining valuable loan relationships. While most of us may associate loan modifications with Trouble Debt Restructuring (TDR) they are also used widely as a defensive mechanism to retain desirable credits. 

byCori Schmidt-Zdrazil
Date: 03/17/18

Saving Money with a MBL CUSO is not as crazy as it sounds

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In this cost-conscious business world, we are always trying to find ways to cut expenses to maximize our bottom lines. We walk a fine line between proper staffing of areas versus risk mitigation. So, am I crazy when I say you may very well save money by engaging an MBL credit union service organization (CUSO)?  Absolutely, not. Of course, how much your credit union may be able to save will depend on your volume of loans.

byNick Darvill
Date: 08/09/17

Best Practices for Using Loan Covenants to Manage Risk

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Lucro often receives examiner feedback, which we use to improve our member services. Lately, and considering the recent change in regulation from the prescriptive requirements to the current broad principals-based regulatory approach, Lucro has noticed an uptick in examiner pressure related specifically to loan covenants. Of course, this is not unexpected since the NCUA has made clear they will focus on the effectiveness of a credit union’s risk-management processes.

byJim Gallagher
Date: 09/21/17

Let's Lose the Ballon

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Balloon maturities have historically been used by commercial banks to manage interest rate risk and to maintain control over the loan. The balloon is a hard due date that forces the borrower to either pay the balance of the note in full or negotiate new terms. Most regional and national banks moved away from the short term (3-5) balloon years ago.

byJim Gallagher
Date: 12/13/17

Nashville Tops the Charts!

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Our 2018 Summit location, Nashville, Tennessee, was a top request by attendees of our last Summit in Portland, Maine. Nashville has quickly become one of the nation’s premier travel destinations: Both Frommer’s and Travel+Leisure named this “Music City” a top destination in 2017.